Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ok what part do you want?

Since no one, except sometimes Ash reads this.  I need to expound.  No i need to scream, cry, pitch a fit, get drunk or something.  I am so tired.  for over a year now i have been fighting with the IRS, Social Security, Work, moving, and now Back Surgery, that i have put off for over five months, but now i have to get it done.  Beware.. if you ever become disabled, do not do the honorable thing and even attempt to get your life back, and go back to the land of hard working people trying to make it on their own.  Between the IRS, and Social Security, they will make sure all your hard earned money for a hard weeks work for almost the rest of your life, goes directly into their pocket so they can buy those  dog damned $16.00 muffins, for their meetings.  Shit i can't afford $16.00 a meal to feed me and my wife.  i drive a POS of a car, live in a very small apartment, Not townhouse, Not condo, just a regular Apartment. i work my ass off, i work on weekends when i can get extra jobs, and my severly damaged back allows me too.  Then i spend days after work on the heating pad to try to relax enough so i can get a little sleep, wake up and go do it all over again the next day.  Yeah i know poor little Hank, and i agree. but Dammit, i need a break, i need to catch a break.  No i don't think it's going to happen.  I know the good book says, he won't put on us more than we can shoulder, but he is giving me waaaay to much credit.  Our goverment has private fitness clubs, $12.00 cups of coffee, $16.00 muffins, and are above the law, and preach like a mofo about how we need to conserve money, you know do more with less.  Guess what? Landlords and utility companies don't take less, for more!!! This blog isn't going to change anything, but at least it gives me somebody to bitch to.  I am a service connected Disable vet.  Used to be on disability, i served my country, as well as serving my community as a police officer, until i became unable to do so.  I decided i wanted to work, try and do better for my family.  So about 8 years ago i did just that.  And the goverment says, well if you went back to work, regardless of the intestinal fortitude it took to do so, then you weren't that bad before.  We need all the money back, with interest, penalties, etc. that we gave you before, with interest higher than i would pay at a local bank. and we want to charge you for 6 years of past taxes, because you didn't pay them correctly, and yes, penalties, interest and anything else we can do. W.T.F?  So much for being a proud man, and working at an honest job, trying to make a living not on social programs funded by everyone else.  anyway there it is.... my peace.  No change, no real hope, but there it is.  So here i sit, my first real break of the day at with an attempt of normal face on, so as not to concern anyone and visualize how many hands are reaching for more.   Good day to all, and god bless........

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